Katerina Radjuk

  • City: Khmelnytskyi
  • Career start: 2011 y.
  • Cooperation with master has been terminated
Rating: 4.9 (52)
  • Certified
  • Member of the tattoo association
  • Пирсинг
  • Обучение мастеров
  • Хеликс
  • Медуза
  • Монро
  • Смайл
  • Бридж
  • Руук
  • Дейт
  • Индастриал
  • Трагус
  • Септум

Hi, I'm your piercing master - Katya)

I started my piercing in 2011, I worked at home, I started with video on youtube, like probably everyone at that time. Of course, in the beginning there were many mistakes, so before doing any piercing to someone, I tested it on myself to understand how it works).

More serious attitude to work came three years ago, from the moment when I came to the studio, where there is a constant development, exchange of experience with the masters and advice from them.

It may seem to some people "how much of what you do, make a puncture", but here, as in any activity it is important to continually develop, attend seminars and master classes, which always give you something new.

To date, my experience from A to Z is 10 years, but even now each of you helps me to develop and improve. Thank you for that :)

See you at a session :)

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