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Piercing is a very popular service, especially among young people. Piercing implies no age restrictions in contrast to other types of body modifications that are available only for adults. This direction is very diverse, as people decorate any parts of the body with different jewelry. There are several kinds of piercing for every part of a body. For example, nose piercing is divided into the following types: septum, bridge, Austin bar, septril and nasallang. Everyone can choose any kind of piercing that emphasizes the character and personality of the owner. Piercing is a great way of self-expression, people with unusual body piercing always attract the attention of others.

Body modifications gain enormous popularity. Meanwhile, experienced specialists in this field are also in demand. Moreover, many people want to master the skill of tattooing and become a professional tattoo artist, and the 'VeAn' team gives you this opportunity. You can sign up for a piercing training course in Ukraine in any studio of the 'VeAn' chain.


We provide the unique training program for mastering the skills of tattooing in any studio of the 'VeAn'. The program was designed by the best specialists. The training course meets the academic level requirements and provides effective training within a short time. The program consists of six to ten lessons. The entire training course includes two parts: theory and practice. A timetable will be compiled on an individual basis. We guarantee well-handled educational process, a special approach to every student, as well as detailed study of the piercing art.


  • What is piercing? Types of body modification.
  • Basic principles of the procedure.
  • Anatomy. The organization of human body.
  • Sterilizing agents, application instructions.
  • Study and comparison of working equipment.
  • Mastering skills, work with special mannequins and customers.
  • Work with models under the supervision of a lecturer.
  • Final examination.

Upon completion of the training course, the students get certificates, confirming the acquired qualifications. The 'VeAn' team provides assistance in selecting and buying the necessary equipment and consumables, and also provides an opportunity for further employment in one of the tattoo studio of the 'VeAn' chain.


Piercing is the practice of puncturing parts of the human body, creating an opening in which jewelry may be worn. The reasons why people prefer piercing are very different. For many people, body modification is a good way of self-expression, others choose this procedure for aesthetic reasons. There is also a separate type of body modification for adding variety to intimate life, getting new, vivid emotions. Some types of piercing remain a contentious matter, in particular in relation to the younger generation. After all, in many educational institutions, as a rule, there are special restrictions regarding this body modification.

Body modification has a long history, people puncture their bodies since ancient times. However, it is unlikely that our ancestors observed the sanitation regulations. Today, the procedure is completely safe, while observing all the necessary sanitation and hygiene standards. One-use tool kits should be used for only one client, the procedure room should be completely clean and disinfected, as well as equipment and tools should be sterile. At the end of the procedure, the specialist gives the client a set of recommendations for caring the punctured skin area to avoid any adverse health consequences. All this is necessary to ensure the complete safety of the client.

The direction of body modifications is very interesting. If you are interested in body modifications, and you want to master this skill by yourself, sign up for piercing training courses in Ukraine. The tattoo studio 'VeAn' will gladly help you to make your dreams come true.



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