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The art of cosmetic tattooing is known from ancient times. The world-famous empress Cleopatra kept her youth and beauty with the help of eternal makeup. In those days, ink was injected into the skin with the help of bamboo sticks. It is hard to imagine what did the empress experienced, but as you know, beauty requires sacrifice. Nowadays, this service is still popular among modern women. Fortunately, the procedure is carried out with the help of advanced equipment, in completely sterile and safe conditions.

Permanent makeup artist is a prestigious and well-paid job with a flexible schedule. Experienced and skilled masters are always in great demand. If you are fond of this art, you are interested in this field and you want to master this skill, the chain of tattoo studios 'VeAn' offers you this opportunity. Sign up for a training course by the tattoo studios of the 'VeAn' chain in Ukraine. Qualified specialists designed a unique training program, which includes not only the basics, but also more in-depth study.


The permanent makeup training course by the tattoo studios 'VeAn' in Ukraine is divided into ten to twelve lessons, of which five to six lessons are devoted to theoretical issues, and the rest lessons are devoted to practice. The schedule is discussed by the student and his tutor and approved by the executive management of the studio, where the training takes place.

1. Theoretical part

  • Definition of permanent makeup. Essence and history of development.
  • Sterilizers. Their application. Sterilization of tools.
  • Sanitary-hygienic standards.
  • Study of the necessary documentation. Basic principles of contract drafting.
  • Procedure room. Workspace. Equipment and sterilizing practices.
  • Review and comparison of working equipment.
  • Anesthesia. Indications and contraindications.
  • Restrictions on permanent makeup.
  • Skin. Skin types, its structure. Features of work with each type of skin.
  • Basics of make-up. Coloristics.
  • Ideal facial structure. Asymmetry, rules of its correction.
  • Correction of errors.
  • The psychology of communication with customers.

2. Practical part

  • Preparation of the workplace before the procedure.
  • Positioning of the needle.
  • Exercises with different surface types.
  • Creation of sketches on paper. Working with models.
  • Mastering the application of anesthesia.
  • Mastering the techniques of tattooing.
  • Consolidation of the rules of communication with customers. Conflict resolution.
  • Work with models under the supervision of a lecturer.
  • Examinations.

Upon completion of the course, you will be given a special certificate, confirming your qualification. The 'VeAn' team offers assistance in buying working equipment and consumables. In addition, we offer the opportunity to get a job in one of tattoo studios of the 'VeAn' chain.


The procedure of cosmetic tattooing implies the injection of special ink into the top layer of the skin. This allows the following changes in appearance:

  • correction of asymmetry and facial defects;
  • correction of dark circles under the eyes;
  • permanent blush, eyeshadow and lipstick;
  • eyebrow and lip shape correction;
  • permanent winged eyeliner;
  • daily make-up, emphasizing your natural beauty;
  • correction of facial defects.

In addition to the above manipulations, permanent makeup conceals scars, burns, pigmented spots, thinning eyebrows and so on.

There are two methods of applying permanent makeup: a manual method and a machine method.

1. Machine method. Implies the use of a needle machine, in which the electric motor drives the needle to inject the ink into the skin.

2. Manual method. It is carried out by the master with the help of a needle, to which a special holder is attached.

Tattoo artist is a prestigious and popular profession. Qualified and experienced specialists are especially in demand in the employment market. The 'VeAn' team offers an opportunity to attend the training course by qualified specialists in Ukraine, who will teach you not only the basics of tattooing, but also give a more detailed information about permanent makeup that every professional makeup artist should know.



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