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The tattoo industry is developing at a great rate. New styles, directions, techniques of tattooing are emerging. The number of people wishing to decorate their body in this way is growing daily. The tattoo art is very fascinating, full of creativity, bright emotions and new acquaintances. Moreover, do not forget about the profession of tattoo artist. Tattoo artists have a flexible schedule, as well as a decent salary. In addition, a tattoo artist is a very prestigious and popular profession for today. Along with those wishing to decorate their bodies with tattoos, there are many people who want to master this art. If you are looking for an opportunity to become a tattoo artist in Ukraine, the chain of tattoo studios 'VeAn' provides offered tattoo training courses. If you are a creative person, you like to communicate with people and are interested in tattoo art, the 'VeAn' team is happy to share the knowledge and skills and help you to become a qualified tattoo artist.


Accredited tattoo training in Ukraine is available for everyone. The specialists of the 'VeAn' team have designed a unique training program that meets the academic level. An individual approach to every student ensures the maximum level of quality and mastering the skills. The training course includes ten to twelve lessons and divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. Training schedule will be compiled as agreed by the master, a student and executive management of the studio, where the training will take place.


1. Theoretical part

  • Review and studying of tattoo equipment. Types of equipment, its organization.
  • Review of working space. Preparation of the workplace for a procedure.
  • Review of consumables.
  • Review of antiseptic and aseptic regulations.
  • Anesthetic agents, their application, indications and limitations.
  • Mastering skills while working with artificial skin.

2. Practical part

  • Creation of a tattoo sketch. Selection of a skin area for tattooing. The process of transferring the sketch to the customer's skin.
  • Studying and mastering the rules of image contouring.
  • Mastering the skills of working with black and white images.
  • Studying and mastering the technique of color tattooing.
  • Shading-off. Gradient.
  • Examinations.

At the end of the training course and passing all the necessary examinations, the 'VeAn' team awards students special certificates, confirming the skills and qualification. In addition, we offer a possibility of employment in one of tattoo studios of the 'VeAn' chain. We also offer assistance in choosing and purchasing working equipment and consumables.


It is hard to tell exactly when tattoo art was born. People patterned their bodies since ancient times; many tribes differed from each other with special designations. Only important personalities could afford tattoos: the head of the tribe, brave warriors, shamans and healers. It was believed that tattoos made people stronger, more courageous and fearless, and also gave them protection. Previously, each tattoo image had a special, sacred interpretation. Images of animals were especially popular. Many tribes used an image of the totemic animal they worshiped and honored. People believed that the totem image on their body would protect them from all ills.

Today, tattoos also can have special interpretations, but, as a rule, many people choose this service just for body decoration. The main point is an aesthetic function, as a new tattoo image can cover an old, threadbare tattoo, hide various body defects (scars, marks, postoperative sutures, stretch marks, pigment spots, etc.). Many people make a tattoo in memory of some important events in their life, for example, a wedding or the birth of a child.

This service is very popular among young people, because this is the most effective way of self-expression. With the help of tattoo images you can emphasize your style, your life values and priorities, show your personality.

Artistic tattoos has been in great demand for many years, and every day more and more people turn to tattoo artists to make a tattoo. Experiment, do not be afraid to open up to new, vivid emotions. The tattoo training course by the 'VeAn' team will help you to learn a lot of new and exciting about tattooing.


Seal of association puts upon request. Master sends diploma to head office by himself to put the stamp.


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