Each person wants to be unique, stands out from the crowd. Fashion is the solution. The world-famous designers create new images, new collections and new styles. Moreover, there are many services that can help you to change your image. We are talking about tattoos, permanent make-up, piercing and other body modifications. These services really help people to look outstanding and attract the attention of others. With the help of a tattoo, we can decorate any part of our body. Piercing is another way to draw attention, especially if not only natural elements are used. Permanent makeup allows looking neat and beautiful, so you can safely swim in the pool or walking in the rain and not to worry about your makeup.

Tattoo studio 'VeAn' in Dnipro provides all the above services at a very high level and at affordable prices.


The desire to stand out, be unique and look pretty is more inherent to the younger generation. But there are no age restrictions for these procedures. People of all ages turn to professional tattoo artists. The most important task is to find an experienced master, who help you always look beautiful and feel wonderful.

The tattoo studio 'VeAn' in Dnipro is the institution with the highest service level. Friendly staff, experienced and qualified specialists, many of whom have medical education. We will answer all your questions regarding the services and procedures, and your personal master will give all the necessary recommendations. All the procedures are carried out with the help of effective, new equipment, quality materials and preparations. All the instruments are completely sterile, and reusable equipment is always clean and sterilize.

In addition to tattoo, piercing and other body modifications, we offer tattoo artists training courses. The academic level, highly qualified specialists, the latest equipment and a specially designed training program. Our specialists offer students theoretical and practical classes for better insight into the subject.


In the tattoo studio 'VeAn' in Dnipro you can get rid of unwanted tattoo or permanent makeup. We offer the most effective method of tattoo removal - laser removal. This method is the safest and painless, it allows complete removing of the pigment from the skin in just a few sessions.

In addition, in the tattoo studio 'VeAn' you can buy the necessary supplies, materials and tattoo equipment.

Tattoo, piercing and permanent makeup will emphasize your individuality for many years to come. Our specialists of the tattoo studio 'VeNa' take full responsibility for the quality of the work and guarantee you:

  • complete safety;
  • maximum efficiency;
  • perfect health;
  • quality work;
  • excellent results.

Fill your life with bright colors, emotions and pleasant impressions. Come to the tattoo studio 'VeAn' in the city of Dnipro and start a new life.

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