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Школа VEAN в Онлайн-режиме Со скидкой 30% Плюс в подарок наш курс видео уроков
Пройди теорию дома

Один на один с мастером в удобном для тебя видео массенджере. Практику можно пройти индивидуально с мастером.

Чем этот курс круче обычного?
  1. 6 Вебинаров
  2. Домашняя работа
  3. 6 Индивидуальных занятий с мастером
  4. Проверка домашней работы обучающим мастером
  5. Экзамен по теоретической части
Elements of a diploma

Most tattoo studios in Ukraine create and draw their own certificates, which they give to their students. The VEAN certificate is not just a piece of paper, it is an international document that is subject to verification and certification

  1. Security hologram
  2. Signature of the director, manager of the tattoo studio in which the student was trained
  3. Date of issue of the certificate and its individual serial number
  4. Printing a network of tattoo studios conducting courses and a photo of a student
  5. A site where you can request the authentication of the master certificate and international certification
  6. Seal of the Tattoo Association of Europe

License from Tattoo Artists Association

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* When signing up for the training course, the deposit is not refundable, but you always have an opportunity to postpone the training period to another date.

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