Wire transfer

Если у вас возникают трудности или вопросы — обращайтесь, пожалуйста, к онлайн-консультанту

You have the opportunity to make a fee-free payment to a PrivatBank card.

Стоимость предоплаты составляем минимум 5% от стоймости будущей услуги. Предоплата это подстраховка для вас и нас, чтобы мы подготовили все к сеансу заблаговременно.

Why is it needed

With the help of a prepayment, you confirm your registration for the session so that the artist and the parlour would rationally plan their working hours.

We refund prepayment

If you warn that you want to cancel the registration no later than a day before the session. You can also transfer the prepayment (registration for the session) at a convenient time for you.

To make a payment, contact the manager

+380 73 428 21 88 (Complaints and suggestions)
Why the payment could fail
You could have made a mistake and entered the wrong phone number. The phone number is indicated in the format: 380*********. 12 characters in total.
Make sure you have sufficient funds on your debit or credit card. When filling in the card data, accurately enter all card data. And check that your card is not expired and active.
Check the Internet payment limit in your card settings. If the limit for online payments is not set and the function is disabled, activate it and put the limit for a certain amount.
  • 1 We propose to use the service "Payment in instalments" - this is one more step towards the clients of our parlors.
  • 2 This offer applies to any of our services from UAH 3000 in the presence of a "Universal" card of PrivatBank.
  • 3 Another good news - by taking an instalment plan for a tattoo or other services from us, you do not pay the extra money!