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Izmail Certified Member of the tattoo association

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Tattoo studio in Izmail

Each person at some point in his or her life thinks about style and think out how to develop it - with clothes, bright hair, a haircut, piercing, tattoo, makeup.

This accentuates the individuality of a person, his or her worldview, predilection to music. The tattoo perfectly complements any look. Both brutal guys and tender girls will be able to select an appropriate variant since the choice of drawings and fonts is limited only by your imagination. To realize the most daring ideas, you will need a good studio, a professional tattoo artist and high-quality equipment in his or her hands.

Tattoo studio in Izmail

Apply huge resources to your health

You can always find a cheaper studio or even a tattoo artist who works at home for a small fee.

What is this accompanied by? Think about safety, as we provide all the guarantees that your tattoo and you will remain healthy and happy with a new thing. To do this, our tattoo artists put on sterile gloves, shoe covers, the body of the machine are closed so that neither blood nor paint gets on it. That is why the cost of a tattoo can be higher - even if the work is small, supplies are spent in the same amount as if you make a large sketch on your body.

Apply huge resources to your health
Apply huge resources to your health

How we are working

The tattoo studio in Izmail is a team of professionals, proven, experienced, trained people, and many of them now are improving their skills so that the quality of work increases.

We participate in training, master classes in order to achieve the best level in everything. Each tattoo artist has a certificate of completion of the tattoo school, as well as all related documents necessary for high-quality and safe work. We care about you first.

New tattoo studio in Izmail

Our guys are ready to meet you in the new studio, where you can get advice, find out about the cost, time of tattoo application, about entry, about the prices for correction, removal and permanent makeup.

All of them are professionals, armed with knowledge and experience in their field. Choose the style you are interested in and specify the sketch with the selected tattoo artist. It will help you determine the size, colors, and all the details to make your idea perfect.

How it is going

First of all, you think out an approximate idea.

You come to us and find out all the details:

  • What size and where it is best to place the tattoo.
  • Colors and shades, presence or absence.
  • Cost, according to the size and number of colors.
  • The possibility of entry.
  • How to properly care for a tattoo, if you want to get this information in advance.

After completing his or her work, any of our tattoo artists will surely tell you in detail about all the points of care. Feel free to ask the questions if you have any, even several times because this is your health.

What other services we offer to you

In addition to the above-mentioned services, you can also make eyebrow permanent makeup in our studio.

Every woman likes to look as beautiful as possible that is why she spends a lot of time on this daily. But, what if we offer you to save time and get a permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup

The procedure does not take much time, it's cost is also within acceptable limits.

Our specialists are tattoo artists with education, vast experience and talent; they are constantly improving their technique of performing work. Forget about the intrusive routine - standing for a few hours near the mirror. Now the process of applying makeup will be reduced by several times, and you will always be beautiful.


Piercing is another set of services for our clients.

What can we offer? Anything. From piercing in the ears, eyebrows, lips and nose to nipple piercing, intimate piercing. Decorating your body is limited only by your imagination, and we will help to realize any idea in the best way - all this is offered by a tattoo studio in Izmail!

Due to the fact that piercing masters are people who are serious about their work, there will be no problems with the subsequent use of the work performed. You will be told all the details of care, both in the first days and in subsequent years. Specialists will help you choose the right earring for this or that place, perform the highest quality work, using only new and clean tools. We are always happy to help you become brighter!