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Additional lessons
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Master classes

Our tattoo parlour hosts master classes on different tattoo styles:

  • Realism
  • Old school / New school / Neo Traditional
  • Graphic
  • Dotwork / Whipshading
  • Watercolour
  • Blackwork / Ornamental / Polynesia
  • And other tattoo styles

The duration of the master class is 5-7 hours

Price - from 3000 UAH to 8000 UAH

Master classes

Advanced course

    1. It combines the applying of a tattoo by such techniques as Dotwork, Whipshading, and sometimes it can combine elements of geometry or engraving.

      Price: from 3000
      Duration: 1 theoretical + 1 practical lesson (artificial skin)
    1. Coloured tattoos. It is not an independent style, but a colour variation of a larger number of the already mentioned styles. It is worth mentioning the styles that are most often applied in colour, although they are not limited by this: Watercolour, New School, Old School, Neo Traditional, Japan, Biomechanics, Minimalism, etc.

      Price: from 4000
      Duration: 1 theoretical + 1 practical lesson (artificial skin)
    1. Blackwork is a style that involves applying a tattoo using only black pigment. Often, the bases of the image are various patterns that are able to emphasize the shape of a person, as well as easily hide defects (scars, stretch marks)

      Price: from 3000

      Duration: 1 theoretical + 1 practical lesson (artificial skin)
    1. A feature of the Realism style is the most accurate and complete correspondence to the original. It is customary to conventionally highlight colour (Realistic colour tattoo), black and white (Realistic black & grey tattoo) compositions, 3D and portrait. This style assumes the highest level of artistic skill of the tattoo artist.

      Price: from 5000
      Duration: 1 theoretical + 1 practical lesson (artificial skin)

License from Tattoo Artists Association

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* When signing up for the training course, the deposit is not refundable, but you always have an opportunity to postpone the training period to another date.

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