Veronika Chalovka

  • City: Uzhgorod
  • Career start: 2020 y.
  • Current VeAn artist
Rating: 5 (22)
  • Certified
  • Member of the tattoo association
  • Татуаж
  • Удаление ремувером
  • Обучение мастеров
  • Брови
  • Губы
  • Стрелки
  • Межресничка

Master of permanent makeup and tattooing Veronika.

Work experience of 5 years.

My services include: eyebrows full feathering, eyelids mezhrestnichnoe space, eyebrows hair feathering, lips contour with light feathering, lips with full feathering, removal remuver, counseling, art session.

I respect every client and believe that the beauty of every girl should be emphasized. Come to me, girls, you are in good hands!

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