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Piercing in Kolomyia

Today, there are many ways to decorate your body, show your uniqueness and express yourself, and piercing remains one of the most popular methods.

Piercing has been used for a very long time, and by people in various parts of the world. It showed different things: class or caste, reaching a certain age and other meanings, but today piercing is popular among young people as a form of self-expression, fashion and individuality.

Piercings are done on different parts of the body, but ears, nose, eyebrows and navel are preferred. Different materials are used for this: gold, silver, surgical steel, plastic. In addition to common places for piercings, there are more spicy ones, and you can get any piercing you like in our studio in Kolomyia.

The most important point in this matter is the safety, that our studio guarantees 100%. If you are looking for a professional piercing in Kolomyia, then VeAn Tattoo is the right place for you. We care not only about our reputation, but also about each individual customer.

Professionalism and safety

Our studio employs only professionals in their field with extensive experience and medical education, who constantly improve their skills, regularly participating in conventions to improve their skills.

All materials, equipment and consumables are of the highest quality, and they undergo the necessary sterilization. The workplace is always disinfected after and before each new client, and disposable instruments are opened and processed directly at the client before starting the manipulation. You can be sure of each procedure’s safety performed by us, no matter what type of piercing you choose. The safest piercing studio in Kolomyia is “VeAn Tattoo”, besides, we have a wide range of services where everyone will find the perfect option for them to please and pamper themselves.

Piercing in Kolomyia
Piercing in Kolomyia

Our services

In addition to the most popular places for piercing, our masters have extensive experience working with rarer ones.

Therefore, you can handle any, even the most exclusive requests, which we will fulfill for you in the best possible way.

We offer our clients the following services:

  • earlobe piercing;
  • tragus;
  • industrial;
  • bridge;
  • septum;
  • nose wing piercing;
  • medusa;
  • monroe;
  • smiley;
  • tongue piercing;
  • navel piercing;
  • nipple piercing.

You can also get advice from our experts to calculate the cost, weigh all the pros and cons, find out the piercing trends in Kolomyia and choose the perfect option for you.

Piercing in Kolomyia
Piercing in Kolomyia
Piercing in Kolomyia

Why is a consultation

Even if you know exactly where you want the piercing and have already chosen which one you want, it is important to consult with a specialist about the safety of the procedure, discuss the nuances of implementation, care, find out all the advantages and disadvantages, the specifics of piercing care, choose the material.

And just chat to understand that you can trust your master.

In order for you to make an informed decision, get to know the master and clarify all the necessary details, we offer a free consultation.

Piercing in Kolomyia
Piercing in Kolomyia


"VeAn Tattoo" is a popular network of studios in Europe, known for the high quality of the services provided. We love our customers and what better way to express our love than through nice gifts?

We constantly have drawings, events and holiday discounts which can help you make your dream of piercing come true much faster. To keep up to date with all our news and bonuses, do not forget to subscribe to our pages in your favorite social networks - this will help you not to miss anything.

We are always in touch by phone and in messengers, please contact us!

Piercing in Kolomyia

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