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Piercing in Ivano-Frankivsk

Piercing have been a popular option of body modification for many years.

This service is trending not only among women but also among menfolk. At the same time, piercing is a good option for people from the first year of their lives. Many mothers bring their one-year-old daughters to tattoo studios to pierce the child's earlobes. Many believe that little children's skin heals faster, and they feel less pain feelings. Human body has individual characteristics, so the recovery periods are also different. The most important thing is regular care of the punctured place, and then the wound will heal quickly and without complications regardless of the customer's age.

Ivano-Frankivsk is a beautiful city with many memorable places. Walking through the streets of the city, you can meet many people with different types of piercing. Such popularity of the service is not surprising, because wearing piercing is beautiful and original, it complements the personal style, highlights the individuality. If you would like to decorate your body with high - quality and original piercing, then welcome to the tattoo studio "VeAn".

The tattoo studio "VeAn" in Ivano-Frankivsk offers high-quality piercing of any type and complexity, ranging from ear piercing to intimate piercing. In our studio, you will find a wide range of services. We guarantee the best quality and safety. In addition, you will be pleased with our reasonable prices, regular promotions and sweepstakes. Do not miss your chance to become even brighter with the "VeAn" team.

Piercing in Ivano-Frankivsk

Vivid image with VeAn

In the tattoo studio "VeAn", you will find a wide range of piercing services:

  • Ear piercing;
  • Nose and bridge piercing;
  • Eyebrow piercing;
  • Lip piercing;
  • Tongue piercing;
  • Cheek piercing;
  • Microdermal implants;
  • Corset;
  • Nipple piercing;
  • Navel piercing;
  • Intimate piercing.

Specialists of our studio will perform any piercing as quickly, painlessly and safely as possible.

Vivid image with VeAn
Vivid image with VeAn

Safety guarantee from VeAm

Piercing is a serious procedure, so it is necessary to strictly observe all the sanitary and hygiene norms.

We make all efforts to make the work as quality as possible, but the health of the customer still comes first. We care the health of each client and carefully follow all the necessary sanitary rules and safety standards.

  • We have a specially equipped procedure room in our studio "VeAn". The room is regularly aired and cleansed with special disinfectants, safe for human health. All surfaces, equipment, instruments and tools are regularly disinfected and sterilized.

  • Masters performs procedures in sterile disposable gloves, in compliance with all the necessary hygiene rules. Before the start of the procedure, the master disinfects all tools and earrings, and also the area of the customer's skin that will be pierced.

  • The master takes disposable tools out of the package and thoroughly disinfects them at the presence of the client. After use, single-use tools should be thrown in the trash and cannot be reused.

How painful the procedure is

It is difficult to say how painful the procedure of piercing is, because there are several factors affecting painful sensations:

  • Type of piercing;
  • Specialist's experience;
  • Part of the body or skin area;
  • Pain threshold of a customer;
  • Effectiveness of anesthetic.

In our studio, specialists care about comfort of our customers, so that they do all the best to make the procedure safe and also painless. Before the procedure, the master treats the customer's skin with an effective analgesic agent. With its help, the procedure is carried out quickly, safely and without any painful sensations.

Piercing in the studio "VeAn" in Ivano-Frankivsk - the highest level of professionalism.


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