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Permanent makeup in Ternopil

Permanent makeup has long been in great demand among women for many years, and the popularity of this service continues to grow rapidly.

Over time, there are new trends and technologies, new products and directions. Today, we have new, high-quality pigments, application techniques, and specialists of permanent makeup also develop their skills. Experienced, qualified specialists can perform a permanent makeup so that it will be very difficult to distinguish eyebrows or lips from natural ones. In addition, the color of your makeup will stay bright and resistant for long years.

If you want to get a high-quality, beautiful and neat permanent makeup in Ternopil, be sure to visit the tattoo studio "VeAn". The team of professionals and wide range of services. You will never be disappointed.

Permanent makeup in Ternopil

Top quality from the masters "VeAn"

The tattoo studio 'VeAn' in Ternopil guarantees you high-quality and safe beauty for years to come.

Skilled, qualified masters will create for you an unsurpassed makeup, which will please you with its quality and the saturated color. The best specialists of the field, the latest equipment, branded pigments and top quality tools are a key to perfect and long-lasting makeup.

Masters of the studio "VeAn" acquired their knowledge and skills, learning from leading experts in the field of tattooing in the territory of our country, as well as abroad. The experience and knowledge that they have learned from top professionals allows creating high-quality works. The important point is that our masters do not stand still, but regularly improve their skills and knowledge. Development is one of the main points in the profession of makeup artist. Therefore, we constantly improve the level of service to delight our clients with new works.

The first option we offer is a free, detailed consultation from a specialist. The master will listen to all your wishes regarding permanent makeup, give some recommendations, describe the upcoming procedure, inform you about all the existing restrictions regarding the procedure, as well as about the opportunity of application of anesthetics. Then, the specialist will give you a list of recommendations that need to be followed before and after the procedure.

Top quality from the masters "VeAn"
Top quality from the masters "VeAn"

Guarantee of complete safety
for the customer's health

In our studio 'VeAn' in Ternopil, all procedures are carried out in a specially designated procedure room, with using of all the necessary working equipment, tools, materials and preparations.

We strictly adhere to all standards of sanitation, safety and hygiene during the work process. For each master, the customer's health comes first.

The procedure room is regularly clean and disinfected, as well as all equipment. Instruments are also thoroughly sterilized and kept in an autoclave. Entrance to procedure rooms is allowed exclusively in shoe covers. Masters always work in disposable gloves, which are replaced after each session. All disposable instruments and materials are unpacked and disinfected at the chair-side.

Since the process of tattooing is quite painful, we use effective, high-quality anesthetics to relieve pain. We always ask every customer about the presence of allergic reactions to the components of the drug in advance.

The "VeAn" team care not only about the quality of work, but also about the health and comfort of each visitor. We invite you to appreciate the service of premium level. Welcome to our tattoo studio.