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Tattoo in ternopil

Nowadays, tattoo art is the most popular option of body modification.

Tattoos allow you to emphasize your style, to distinguish yourself from the people around, to overstep the generally accepted boundaries. There are an incredible number of tattoo sketches for any taste and budget. At the same time, tattoo masters continue to create new and new unique masterpieces.

You can decorate any part of the body with a beautiful, original image. Quite often it happens that after the first tattoo session, a person is no longer able to stop and continue decorate the body with new images. Some people disapprove such decorations; others like to improve their bodies in this way. After all, we have only one life, so why not make it as bright and colorful as possible with the help of tattoos?

Tattooing in Ternopil is in great demand, and 'VeAn" is the best tattoo studio.

Tattoo in ternopil

Quality and safe tattoo services? Only "VeAn"!

The tattoo studio "VeAn" offers the services of skilled, experienced professionals who can perform any tattoos of any style, direction and technique.

You can get a tattoo of any complexity and size, of any color. After reviewing the portfolio of our masters, you will understand that you have made the right choice. The procedure of applying tattoo to the skin is carried out with the help of the latest equipment, high-quality tools and branded pigments. If you have a low pain threshold, we can apply effective and safe painkillers. We always strive to ensure the maximum level of comfort for our customers.

The procedure room, where all tattoo sessions take place, is equipped with special transformer chairs and couches. If necessary, such chairs can easily be transformed into any position. These chairs and couches greatly simplify the work of the master with hard-to-reach places without disturbing the customer. Upon completion of the session, a disposable film on a chair is replaced with a new one.

Quality and safe tattoo services? Only "VeAn"!
Quality and safe tattoo services? Only "VeAn"!

Sanitary conditions

The main thing is the health of each customer.

We strictly follow all sanitary and hygiene rules:

  • Regular sanitary treatment of all rooms, equipment and tools;
  • Disinfection of work instruments;
  • All disposable tools and materials should be unpacked and disinfected exclusively at the chair side;
  • Masters work in disposable gloves;
  • In order to avoid infecting, masters and customers should wear disposable shoe covers.

We take responsibility and guarantee complete safety for your health, as well as the high quality of work. We adhere to all the necessary rules and regulations in order to improve our level of qualification

Tattoo in ternopil

Counselling services

Since in the field of artistic tattooing there are so many tattoo sketches, it is sometimes hard to choose the most suitable one.

Having come to our studio, each visitor will get a piece of advice from a qualified tattoo artist. Our customers can meet the best tattoo artists, and have a look at their portfolios and price lists.

If you cannot choose a sketch for future tattoo, the specialist of the studio "VeAn" will help you select the best sketch, but also to choose the most suitable color and the skin area for its application.

The master will also familiarize the client with all the restrictions regarding the use of anesthetics and a procedure as a whole. He will give you a list of recommendations for further care of a fresh tattoo.

Choose only quality and safe tattoo services with the tattoo studio "VeAn".

Tattoo in ternopil
Tattoo in ternopil