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Removal of permanent makeup in Ternopil

Tattooing is an incredibly popular beauty service, which is in wide demand among both young girls and mature ladies.

Every woman, regardless of age, always wants to look well-groomed and beautiful. Permanent makeup is exactly the service that can help. There is no longer need to get up early in the morning, waste time and effort to create the perfect makeup. You can just wake up, brush hair, and the perfect look is ready.

This service is a kind of magic wand for many women. However, along with those who prefer to use the services of permanent makeup artists, there are many who want to remove the tattooed makeup from the face. The best tattoo studio 'VeAn" in Ternopil offers the service of tattoo removal.

Removal of permanent makeup in Ternopil

Efficiency and safety with the studio VeAn

Removal of tattoos in Ternopil, in the studio "VeAn" with the help of the latest laser equipment, which easily copes with tattoos of any size, color and depth.

The method used does not damage the skin and is absolutely safe for your health. The removal session is carried out by a qualified master with decent experience of working in this field. Our specialists respect their job and customers, so the work is always performed at the highest level. 

There are a considerable number of ways to remove pigment from the skin, but not all of them are effective and, most importantly, safe. The studio "VeAn" in Ternopil offers the safest method of permanent makeup removal that effectively copes with any inks. Our procedure room is specially equipped. We use only the latest laser equipment, tools, instruments, drugs and materials. The workplace meets all sanitary standards and safety regulations.

The room is regularly cleaned, and all instruments are sterilized thoroughly. All visitors and masters should wear disposable shoe covers, when entering the procedure room. A master should always work in disposable gloves, which are replaced after each session.

Efficiency and safety with the studio VeAn
Efficiency and safety with the studio VeAn

Advantages of the laser method

The principle of operation is the following. The master directs a laser beam to the tattooed area, adjusts its depth and wave frequency.

Laser destroys the molecules of coloring pigment. Then, the pigment are excreted through the lymphatic system. Special anesthetics are used when removing the permanent makeup in order to neutralize any painful sensations. The fact is that the area of lips, eyelids and eyebrows is quite sensitive, and the procedure can be very painful without using painkillers.

One session lasts about fifteen minutes. Complete removal of permanent makeup takes about four sessions. It is impossible to remove the pigment from skin in one session. Laser rays gradually removes the pigment from each subsequent skin layer. When applying a tattoo, a master applies several layers of pigment in order to achieve an intense saturated color. Therefore, tattoo removal works the same, and laser removes pigment layer by layer.

Healing period

The healing period after the complete course of removal sessions takes for two weeks.

After the procedure, a crust covers the treated area. It is inadmissible to remove it on your own, if you want to avoid scars. After three or four days, the crust will disappear on its own.

In order not to have any consequences, use sunscreen creams before going out.

During the entire healing period, it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages, visit tanning salons, swimming pools, saunas and avoid open waters. It is also not recommended doing sports.

Remember that the quality of the result depends not only on the master's qualification, but also on you.